Call for Industry Sessions

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Call for Industry Sessions

For cooperation among various industries and academy, ICPE 2019 is holding Industry Sessions for industry participants to present and exchange achievements in power electronics and energy conversion. The Industry Sessions consist of only presentations without any paper submission. Each presentation is limited within 25 minutes, including 5 minutes for discussion. An applicant for these sessions can include one or more presentations. The ICPE committee recommends 5 presentations in one session, but fewer is acceptable. We will evaluate the proposal and then notify about acceptance. The TPC will adjust the session through discussion with the applicant. If the submitted proposal is accepted, the applicant must submit the presentation materials before the deadline. The speakers and the session chair must register for ICPE 2019-ECCE Asia.

- Submission Guidelines

The proposal must be original material and not have been previously presented or published. The proposal should be electronically sent to no later than January 15, 2018.
The proposal for one session should include the session title, the session chair name, the number of presentations, the presentation titles, the speaker names, the affiliations of the chair and speakers, and the outlines within 200 words for each presentation. Multiple industries can form one session. Please use the single presentation form if you are submitting one presentation. In that case, the TPC will organize the session.

- Schedule

Industry Session Proposals Submission: Jan. 15th, 2019
Proposal Acceptance Notification: Jan. 30th, 2019
Final Presentations Submission: Mar. 16th, 2019

- Organized Session Chair

Prof. Jung-Ik Ha (Seoul National University, Korea) email at

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